What You Should Definitely Do While Travelling

This doesn’t just serve as reminders and precautions of things you should be aware of like what you do BEFORE you leave. This is also a list of the things that you should take advantage of so you could have the best experience for the entire time of your travel. There are plenty of things to do while travelling, but sometimes you won’t be able to do them all because of reasons like “don’t have enough time for it” or “don’t have enough MONEY to do that”. Well at least take note of these below and remember to AT LEAST do them.


  • Check for any public holidays and regional festivals

If you’re lucky, you could be visiting while there is a festival in the country you plan to visit. It makes the trip a lot more exciting because you now have something more to look forward to when you get there. A local festival is something to experience.

  • Check the seasonal weather

If there is one thing that you need to know, it’s that seasons are different for every parts of the world. Take care to know what the seasons are on the country you plan to go to. The season currently there might affect your enjoyment and the smoothness of the travel itself.

  • Read travel blogs

If you ever want other people’s view on the vacations and trips they went through to get an idea, you should read travel blogs. Those articles have details on not just what you SHOULD do and bring prior to your own trip, but also on what they think when they got to their destination. They are basically your best guide for your own vacation and they, like this one, will give you advice on what to do while travelling.


  • Stay in multiple locations

This allows you to be in completely different areas in a short time. It also allows you to be near some of the tourist spots if you jump from one place to another every day. Not just that, you might even find cheaper and more authentic areas. It lets you experience so many things and so you wouldn’t be confined to some of the places.

  • Make friends with a local

You can’t go travelling without doing this, ESPECIALLY if you plan to go alone. Making friends with a local will not just let you have a companion that lives somewhere else, you also have access of so many local stuff with the help of that friend. He or she knows so many places and so many food that you could try.

  • Take public transportation

It’s cheaper and lets you experience the authentic way of travelling.

  • Capture your memories

Of course. We have cameras and phones that are easily accessible. Making memories and capturing them has been made easy so make sure to snap a lot pf photos while you’re out there. This is one of those times where you’re actually allowed to take selfies WITHOUT getting judged for it.