What To Never EVER Do While Travelling

If you plan to go somewhere in the world for a vacation, please be reminded that you should be aware of what you do twice as much as you should be than when you’re at home. For instance, what you do regularly on a daily basis could be something completely offensive to the country you decide to visit. Aside from the fact that you could come off as disrespectful, you could also waste money needlessly by not researching more.

Here are things you should never do while travelling.

NEVER try to put on the local accent

This is offensive to anyone no matter who you are. Even if listening to other people’s accents is amusing and entertaining, maybe you should just stick to how you speak normally. You might think you’re being funny but the locals listening to you will NOT be finding it amusing.

NEVER expect your photos to be perfect and tourist-free

The photos we see on Instagram are amazing because they’re always so perfect looking. Maybe it has something to do with talent because I sure know it’s difficult to take perfect photos without the roaming tourists around photo-bombing my shot.

NEVER plan every second of the trip

Don’t expect that everything is going to go according to plan, alright? If you expect things to go the way you planned, then it won’t be fun. And if something happens to go wrong, then your mood is just going to go down during the whole trip. Enjoy the trip while it’s still happening.

NEVER forget to learn the local language

It doesn’t hurt to know. You might even just save yourself the hassle by learning some basics. And it will amuse some locals if they hear a foreigner speak some of their words. As long as you don’t sound ignorant and arrogant about it, that is.

NEVER expect to use your credit card for every purchase

It might be safer if you use cash, instead. Some store in other countries don’t actually rely their spending on cards. They just use real cash instead of cards. So to save yourself some trouble, carry around cash just in case you buy something from one of their stores.

NEVER pack too much

You don’t want to travel from country to country bringing your entire house with you. Just pack the essentials and some clothes. Maybe some of your gadgets too. You can just buy everything else in the country you are going.

NEVER assume that hotels are always the best choice

Sometimes you get the best experience by renting something else rather than a hotel. Just because hotels are everywhere now doesn’t mean you should dismiss other accommodations. Like cottages, inns, resorts or house rental.

NEVER dress inappropriately

Some countries are VERY religious. If you show too much skin, not only will you be offending the locals there, you wouldn’t be able to enter some establishments. The ladies especially need to be a lot more conservative than they’re used to. For one thing, even if the weather is too hot, just ignore your shorts and tank tops, okay?