What Are The Destinations To Visit This 2020?

Time for a vacation? Yeah, that sounds about right to me.

But with all the travelling that everyone does basically every single month, where do you think the hottest places in the world would be for 2020?

Chile Lake District

Check out Los Lagos on December 14 at 1:03 pm local time! It is said to have a spectacular solar eclipse.

Copenhagen, Denmark

They will be opening the Museum of Copenhagen this year, complete with a multimillion dollar experience.

The Dead Sea

Don’t ignore this one. The Dead Sea is known for being at the lowest point of the planet and yet if you step into the waters, you will float up no matter what because of the amount of salt this sea has.


An eco-resort named Rosalie Bay Eco-Resort is reopening this particular month this year!


The food scene in Estonia, particularly in Northern Europe, is going to be big this year so don’t be surprised.

Galway, Ireland

This is a rural land that draws artists to it. It is also a European Capital of Culture for 2020.


Because Bob Marley. Because James Bond. Because it has amazingly dazzling waterfalls and turquoise waters.


Its dessert-like canyons are perfect for those wanting to hike and see hidden gems.

Kyushu, Japan

Japan is and will always be a treat to us. It is beautiful and it works hard not just for its people but also for outsiders. Kyushu happens to be hard at work at really maximising the beauty and its scenery there.

New Caledonia

White sand beach and pink sunsets. Enough said.

Paraty and Ilha Grande, Brazil

Art galleries and restaurants are booming! Come to Brazil if you want diversity, food and art.

São Tomé Príncipe

Volcanic peaks and a rich jungle! Go and have the adventure of a lifetime.

St. Petersburg, Russia

This 2020 is the best year to start going to Russia for a visit. Head to St. Petersburg to know why!

Sri Lanka

In June 26-July 16, there is going to be an annual festival that honours the Sacred Tooth Relic. Don’t miss out on that.


Anantara Tozeur Resort opened in October 2019. It is near a palm oasis and the terrain where Star Wars was filmed. Take advantage of that hype this year.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

A cosmopolitan city, small yet artsy town, rich forests and pristine beaches. Vancouver Island has everything, huh?

Wuppertal, Germany

One of the world’s coolest rail systems is located here and it is called Schwebebahn railway.


Zambia has Victoria Falls, which, in my humble opinion, couldn’t possibly be real. Because there is no way something that majestic and beautiful could actually exist outside of digital art, movies and video games. But it apparently DOES exist and is in need of people taking a gander at it.