Tips For Travelling To Southeast Asia In Luxury (Without Breaking The Bank)

More money doesn’t always mean more fun. Vacations can be fun even if you don’t have a budget for something extravagant. In fact, you could even have a luxurious vacation without really breaking the bank.

Southeast Asia is a wonderful and beautiful place full of adventure and relaxation. From natural jungles just itching to be explored, to the perfect beaches of your dreams, Asia has it all. In fact, here are tips to help you get a luxurious trip while on a budget!

Wisely choose your destination

Know where you’re going to go and research. Before you travel, make sure you have done research on things like the currency and how much your own money will be when converted into theirs, the types of accommodation like the luxury boutique hotels Thailand has, the food and the culture. You don’t just look into the tourist spots and the best places to visit, you also make sure that your stay will be comfortable and have less problems.

Eat what the locals eat

There are instances when food that caters to tourists cost double its regular price. Avoid eating at high class restaurants where celebrities probably eat. Eat what the locals eat. Don’t be afraid to experience what it feels like to live in their country and explore their cuisine. You can easily get more experience if you go into the local restaurants that a lot of their villagers visit. You get to have a full meal without really regretting how much you’ve spent on food. Plus, you get to feast and eat more than one dish without having to worry about over-spending.

Pick the right hotel

This is why you needed to research first before booking for a flight. One of the things that you need to be cautious about is your accommodation. Some, if not most of them, are the main reason why the trip can get rather heavy on the wallet. Pick the right one that your budget can handle, like a luxury boutique hotel Bali has in Indonesia. Don’t be afraid to look into the ones that aren’t known either. With research, you can find hidden gems.

Avoid foreign exchange at hotels or airports

Most of the time you will get better rates at the local money changer. Be smarter about how you spend your money and how you GET your money. This way, you can still get a lot of luxurious experiences even if you’re travelling on a budget. And with the extra in your pocket, you would be free to do all the fun stuff the country has to offer.

As long as you’re smart when planning your vacation, you’ll have an amazing time!