The World at Your Fingertips

Round and Round We Go

It’s a big and beautiful world out there; what a shame it would be to live our whole lives without seeing it. If the story of our lives follows a grand arc, as they say, then the story of each year, each week, each day, is too often the story of us running in circles, just as the Earth itself does. At some point, just to reclaim our identity, our sense of self, our sense of being alive, we need to disrupt the cycle, get off this big ferris wheel, stop, look around, and set off in a new direction. Taking a deep breath of fresh air from a distant country is a great first step.

What to Choose, Where to Go …

With over 200 countries, the Earth is a veritable smorgasbord of traveller delights. From the mosques of Istanbul to the deserts of Australia and everything in between, there is enough variety on this small planet to fill anyone’s taste for exploration. Just because every place you might want to go already has an airport, a Starbucks and a McDonald’s, doesn’t mean there is nothing left to discover. For all the talk about the wonders of the world, the postcard-picture perfect landmarks and landscapes, often times the most impressive, and even the most refreshing, spectacle is the people itself that make up the world we live in. And although the internet is a fine way to reach out and get to know people, there’s just no substitute for meeting them face to face.

Coming Home at the End of It All

When you return home after your trip overseas, depending on how adventurous you’ve been, you can expect the looks on your friends’ faces to vary from curiosity to wonder to just plain disbelief. They’ll marvel on how you handled the changes in climate and culture, and the just plain strangeness of it all. And behind your smiles of agreement, you’ll know the secret (although you might want to keep it to yourself): There’s really nothing to it. Once you make up your mind to get out and see a place, once you buy that ticket and pack your suitcase, your holiday rolls toward you on smooth waves, easy to handle and to negotiate, and just gently pushing you in ever newer directions. While you friends shake their heads in astonishment, you’re recollecting each precious day you spent out there in the world, and thinking, one could get used to this.