The Reason Why We Went to Bangkok for Our Honeymoon

My boyfriend and I are getting married next month. We are so busy preparing our wedding that we didn’t think of anything else. One day when we went to a friend of my mother to ask her consent to be our godmother, she asked if we already know where were going for our honeymoon. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and laughed. My mother’s friend frowned and asked why we laughed. We told her that because of our very hectic schedule, we were not able to talk about that part. She smiled and asked us if we have our passport. We answered yes in perfect unison. All of us laughed at that time.

Then she consented to be our godmother. As a gift, she will give us tickets to Bangkok. She wants us to go on a honeymoon to Bangkok. She told us that she and her husband also went to Bangkok on their honeymoon. They had a good time, so she also wanted us to have fun. We thanked her for her precious gift, and we also hugged her. She also reminded us to communicate well and understand each other. She also advised us to say “I love you” every day. She even said that we should settle our differences before we go to bed. And she also informed us that we should forgive easily, have fun in little things, and be proud of the accomplishments of each other.

We went out of her house joyfully. My boyfriend and I agreed that she gave sound advice. We also made an agreement to heed her advises. And that we should remind ourselves to remember what she advised. We gave out the rest of the wedding invitations, but she remained our best host. And she became our favorite godmother. Our wedding was beautiful. It went smoothly as planned. And the reception was fun and truly memorable. And emotional. The speech of my father was very moving. I was not the only one who was misty-eyed by the time he was finished. The speech of my mother-in-law was enjoyable. It was full of anecdotes about my new husband when he was just a young boy.

The next day we bade goodbye to all our guests. They departed to their own homes. And we also used our tickets to Bangkok. My husband and I were so happy during our honeymoon. We had fun eating the unusual dishes of Bangkok. And we had so much fun exploring the beautiful sites of Bangkok. We visited the Grand Palace and its extensive grounds. We also visited Wat Pra Kaew. This means the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. We also went to the other beautiful temples that abound in Bangkok.

And we boarded a Khlong as we explored the canals and waterways of Bangkok. My husband and I bought a lot of souvenirs from the floating market. We were in luck because the lady vendor gave us a hefty discount. She was quite happy because we bought a lot of her wares.