It’s Easier Than You Think

Having the Right Stuff

The first ingredient of any project is, of course, to enter into the whole affair with the right attitude, the right reasons for motivation, and most importantly of all, the dedication necessary to see things through, no matter what obstacles lie in the way. Fortunately these days the aforementioned obstacles are relatively few and far between; in most places people will virtually fall over each other in competition for your business, and in an effort to make you ever more comfortable and satisfied with your experience. For tourism industries worldwide also know, as we do, that their entire futures depend considerably on the generation of positive world of mouth from not only guidebooks like the ones we write and publish; but also from travellers like yourselves. All of this is meant to illustrate the reasons why travel isn’t such a difficult task, and why the starting conditions — meaning, your initial motivation — is really the most important part of the equation.

How to See It Through, and Reach the Mountaintop

The next starting point for a project comes when you actually make your first moves. In what spirit are those moves made, and with what intended effects? Are they tenuous and conservative, or bold and confident? The basic idea that we would like to promote is, if our traveller friends would only begin their trip as they intend to finish it; that is, with inspiration, steady moves forward, and the general attitude of taking the bull by the horns, more than likely they will find that doors tend to open for them, they get the best seats in the restaurant, and people (usually other travellers) defer to their judgement and are proud to call them their friends. The bold, indeed, shall inherit the earth — at least, those parts of it that are often frequented by tourists.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Ride

Some travellers are so intent on seeing every attraction that their guidebooks recommend, eating at every restaurant that gets good reviews, and generally taking photographs of everything even slightly famous, that they actually forget to try to enjoy the overall experience of being in a foreign land, sampling their cuisine and their unique beverages, and soaking in the strange atmosphere of the place. All that we would hope is that you take your head out of our books once in a while — much as we’re flattered by the attention, of course! — and gaze with fresh eyes on all that is around you. The book will be with you long after the holiday is finished; but the sounds and sights and smells won’t be. Live in the moment, and you will truly know what it is to travel.