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First Steps to world travel guides

You’ve landed in a new city, country or continent: What now? If you don’t speak the language, how will you find a hotel … and which hotel should you find? How much should the taxi cost? Is it right to negotiate the prices of things? Are tips expected? Is the water safe to drink? A thousand questions suddenly impose themselves upon you, and if you aren’t prepared, the first day can be quite a bewildering experience. That’s why, when we print a world travel guide, we take special care to make the most important information accessible, and also put it in the correct order, so that as you read the book sequentially, you’ll come across exactly the questions and answers you will be looking for. We’ve left nothing out, as our guidebooks have been tried and tested by travellers around the world, countless times, and we’ve incorporated all of your feedback into what has simply become a line of the best publications on the market. Take, for example, our European travel guide. How do borders work inside Europe? Do all countries use the same money? Are there linguistic borders which aren’t shown on political maps? When you begin your holiday with one of our books, you’ll have all of these questions brightly answered for you. Read the first chapters on the plane before you arrive, and by the time you’ve begun your sightseeing, you’ll be ready for the subsequent chapters. And, lo and behold, the opportunity to read them in comfort will also have arrived at the same time, as you’ll have ample time to peruse the next vital bits while you’re having your breakfast or riding the bus to your first attraction.

Reliable Information: An Oasis in the Desert

In foreign countries, you’ll be approached by many people who will give you conflicting advice — often motivated by self-interest. We give our information clearly and without any ulterior motive, as we are not sponsored in any way by the businesses we recommend in our books. A world travel guide should be a reliable friend in a sea of murky waters, guiding you to the shore and giving you the confidence you need to get there. Whether it’s a European travel guide you need, or any other guide we offer through our entire catalogue, you can be sure we have researched everything thoroughly and kept it entirely up to date. We are even preparing an online update centre, to notify our readers of any changes in the cities we cover, without their having to wait until a future reissue of the book.

Focusing Only on the Best

Any country will have thousands of sights to look at, but no traveller has the time to see them all, or to visit every restaurant, shop or public curiosity. We’ve filtered out and distilled all our recommendations into categories which are colour coded and kept quite simple, so that a traveller can, at a glance, find out where the best places might be depending on his or her own interests. Guidebooks are meant to bring order to the chaos, and that is precisely the goal we have set out for ourselves. The repeat business we attract from our loyal customers attests to our relative success in that endeavour. Which is not to say that we’re resting on our laurels. Far from it; if you have advice for us, please do write in!