Family-Friendly Activities For You And Your Kids In North Devon

North Devon is one of those ideal places where you can take your kids to for an unforgettable family vacation. Some of us would even liken it to a rite of passage of sort, simply because camping or just going on a vacation with your kids where there are plenty of woods is what children should experience at least once. It also allows you to teach them some survival skills, which could prove useful should they find themselves stranded in a forest, for example.

It’s different these days. Parents don’t take their kids out into the woods for camping anymore, at least not as much as before. People now go for the most hyped luxuries nowadays, especially the famous places that have been trending for the past month.

However, you are never too old or outdated to go camping. There are even accounts on social media that encourage this sort of activity, calling for people to spend more time outdoors especially with Mother Nature. To inspire you and your kids, here are some kid-friendly fun stuff to do in North Devon.

The Tarka Trail

Luckily, right by Tarka Trail there is about a bunch of things to do there. Ranging from cycling along the trail where kids will want to bike through for the exercise and because it’s, well, fun, your kids can also take a picnic on this area or spot some wildfowl. It’s not every day you get to see some wild creatures in real life, after all. After your visit, you can go take advantage on the luxury self-catering North Devon holiday cottages once you get home to where you and your family are staying.

Exmoor Zoo, Barnstaple

This isn’t just the ordinary type of zoo where all you do is point and ogle. No, this zoo allows you to get closer to the animals they have there and touch them. You can see animals ranging from leopards to lemurs, maybe even feed them some food if you are feeling particularly generous to these beasts. Zoos are basically the best places where you could distract your kids and keep them entertained for a short fee. The best part is that you can also have fun there yourself.

Lynton And Lynmouth

Want to take your kids sight-seeing on a Victorian water-powered lift? This ride can let you take in the views from Bristol Channel to Wales. It is picture-perfect and fun to be on, not to mention something that lets your kids scream at the top of their lungs while you ignore them in favour of enjoying the view. The towering sea cliffs and the beautiful moors of North Devon has never been this amazing, and it helps that you’re on a railway to enjoy it rather than walk all over the town for it. Plus, it gives your kids something to brag about in school when you all go back home.

After all the fun you and your family have in town, you can go back to your cottage and spend the rest of the night taking advantage of what the cottage is offering.