Cold Country Travel – Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

It’s not just tropical Southeast Asian islands, Mediterranean regions, and Caribbean seas that are considered good holiday destinations. If you want a truly unique vacation, why not go somewhere in the snowy mountains of the Alps? Or perhaps you may want to explore the icy wilderness of the Canadian mountains? Maybe you are looking for the ultimate adventure in the mountains of the Himalayas? How about the verdant highlands of Scotland? Let’s get a bit more extreme by travelling to the cold Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden.

Cold countries should not be left out as great holiday destinations. On the contrary, these destinations offer some of the best vacation spots such as mountain resorts and ski resorts. You get to try out activities such as dog sledding, ice fishing, skiing, ice climbing, and Alpine trekking. There are plenty of things to do in such countries notwithstanding the cold.

So you’re planning to visit a cold region? That’s great; you’re about to open a door into a whole new world of travel and vacation. But before you do step through that door, you need to be prepared for the cold. One of the preparations that you should do is to protect your skin. Indeed, ice-cold weather is bad for the skin. The cold, dry air can result to dry and itchy skin, chapped lips, and pale complexion. The air can actually be as damaging as overexposure to the sun.

Fortunately, you can combat these discomforts. Read on and check out the following tips in protecting your skin against cold weather discomforts.

* Make sure your skin is moisturized all the time. That means, you need to drink plenty of water and juices to retain moisture. Also, make sure you apply a rich skin crème that has vitamin E and revitalizing nutrients. Be on the lookout for moisturizing crèmes that have anti-oxidant extracts.

* Don’t forget to apply sunblock on your skin. You may not see it or feel it due to the cold weather, but the sun bombards you with harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage your skin. A sunblock blocks off those UV rays and helps keep retain your skin’s moisture.

Choose a sunblock has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30. The higher the SPF rating, the better the sun protection.

* Before going to sleep, remove the makeup, oil, and dirt from your skin by taking a hot bath. After bathing, exfoliate your skin with body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. Also, it is important to have a good night’s sleep of at least 7 hours so your skin can have the time to rejuvenate and repair itself.

* Exercise every day. Exercising opens up your skin pores to expose dirt that can’t be removed through exfoliation. The sweat from your exertions pushes and washes this debris away.

* Keep your hair healthy and shiny by applying a little nourishing oil on the strands.

Whatever the weather in your destination, you’ll always have gorgeous, young-looking, beautiful skin.