Alleviating the Stress of Travel

We are sure that you’ll feel happy when you book cheap holidays online. After all, your dreams of travelling around the world will finally come true. Just imagine the joy and excitement in visiting new places, discovering new sights, sampling new cuisine, meeting new friends, and experiencing new activities. Yes, travelling can let you enjoy these things.

But not everything is a bed of roses. Travelling can be quite stressful due to a variety of reasons; troubles begin either before, during, or after the travel period. Here are some of the stresses that you may encounter when travelling and how you can alleviate them.

Stress 1: Cancellations and delays in the transportation system

Solve it: Generally, transportation systems around the world, no matter how crude or advanced, are quite reliable. However, unexpected unfortunate events may happen such as delays and cancellations. If your flight, train, or bus experiences a delay or cancellation, do something that fills that time. For instance, if you can visit shops around the airport, write a blog, or talk to people rather than complain about a two-hour flight delay.

Stress 2: Expensive food, drinks, and bathroom use

Solve it: If you are one of those budget travelers, then you’d definitely keep a close watch on your wallet. You strive to save a lot of money. However, even before you board your flight, you will find out that you’ve spent quite a lot for snacks, drinks, and even the use of the toilet in the airport. The solution? Have a meal and drink, and relieve yourself, while you’re still in town before going to the airport.

Stress 3: Getting lost in a new place

Solve it: For true travelers, getting lost is actually exciting. It lets them discover sights and places in the city that are concealed from a normal guided tour. But there are definitely times that you want to be on the right track. To do this, you can simply download Google Maps on your smartphone to determine your location. You can also ask locals for directions; a golden tip would be to ask directions from delivery guys. They would know the nooks and corners of the city.

Stress 4: Loosing your electronics

Solve it: Burglary is always present in all places; you can’t deny it. However, you can prevent yourself from being burglarized by not showing off your expensive gadgets. Leave them in your hotel safe, if possible. Also, it would be a good idea to have your electronic files backed up and uploaded in programs like Dropbox where you can access them anywhere, anytime.

Stress 5: Faulty packing

It’s quite frustrating: you suddenly found out that you haven’t included your toiletry kit in your backpack! To avoid this, pack everything you think you need based on a packing list in your luggage; you should do this a few days before your scheduled trip. Leave it for a few hours or days while you focus on something else. Then go back and unpack your luggage. You will have a clearer assessment if you’ve packed in what you need.

Happy travelling!