Know Some Travel Tips That Are Outdated

There are literally thousands of travel tips crawling in the Internet—in cheap holiday websites, blogs, and elsewhere. But are they are they really accurate? Are they still applicable in today’s situation? Actually, many of the travel tips you read in the Internet are no longer true today. Let’s look at some of them. 

1. Old Travel Tip: Book your flight early so you can save money.

Reality today: Well, this could have been true during the 60′s when flying in an airplane was not as mainstream as today. During that time, there was a general lack of flights and competition, and airlines were able to take advantage by increasing the price, knowing that passengers were left with few options. Today, there are so many budget airlines, flights, commercial aircraft, and other options that airlines had to lower their prices to remain competitive. In fact, you can even get last-minute deals from airlines that are trying to fill their seats!

2. Old Travel Tip: You can find the best hotel rates on travel websites.

Reality today: Many hotels pay premiums on travel websites for exposure and to have broader avenues for booking. Just like other businesses, they are always looking for ways to save money. Thus, many hotel chains are actually encouraging people to book directly with them. They provide guarantees, discounts, perks, freebies, and upgrades that travel websites are not allowed to offer.

3. Old Travel Tip: Avoid crowds in tourist attractions, airports, etc. by going there early.

Reality today: There are many parks, monuments, heritage sites, and tourist attractions all over the world, but those are visited by an unending supply of tourists. Thus, the most popular attractions will always be crowded even if you come in early. If you want to avoid crowds, rather than coming early, come in at times when nobody else wants to go such as noontime or early afternoon.

4. Old Travel Tip: Local knowledge is very reliable.

Reality today: You’d be surprised to know that many locals are tourists in their own place. Thus, you can’t expect all locals to answer each of your questions. For example, locals may be useful if you’re asking for directions to a place, but their answers could be a hit or miss. A better way is to ask fellow travellers, whether through the Net or in person, who have been to the place.

5. Old Travel Tip: Be wary of street food; they’re unsafe

Reality today: Street food is often barbecued, deep fried, or stir fried in very hot oil, thus germs are killed completely. Furthermore, you can see for yourself how street food is prepared. Now, compare that to restaurants where you can’t actually witness the food preparation because all the cooking happens inside a kitchen which only authorized persons can access.

6. Old Travel Tip: Do not travel to countries that are issued negative travel advisories.

Reality today: So does that mean that you shouldn’t travel to half the planet? Travel advisories are a government’s way to implement a “better safe than sorry” approach, get even with another government, or simply steering away from headaches. In fact, a holidaymaker who is enjoying the beaches of El Nido in the Philippines would be puzzled why his home country gave the Philippines a travel warming. Do not take travel warnings at face value.

As you can see, not everything in the Internet is true. Be a smart traveller and learn the travel trends of today to have quality and cheap holidays abroad.