Going Off the Beaten Path

And Now for Something Completely Different

Yes, the cathedral of Notre Dame is beautiful, and yes, you must see it. You should also go to visit the Pyramids, and take a rugged 4×4 tour of the wildlife park at Serengeti. But at some point, if you’re only doing what all of your friends have done, and frankly what everyone else has done as well, then your life will still not truly be your own life. It will be a melange of all the other lives that surround you, influence you, and shape you. Only by silencing the outside voices and listening to who you really are, will you discover that special side of you that truly makes you unique. And who knows? It might even be a voice that you decide you like the sound of.

Inner Exploration

There was a moment. You remember it still, when life’s distractions recede for a little while and your childhood memories come to the surface. There was a moment when you really knew what it was to dream. It came from a book, or a movie or a song you once knew, whose lyrics made you imagine — with the full force of your being. You had that moment, and you held onto it for a little while, and then other things came along, distracted you, took precedence, superimposed themselves on your senses. It didn’t take long after that for those original childhood dreams of yours to drown in the sea of new information that came to you as adulthood beckoned. But maybe, just maybe, it’s possible to reclaim that dream again. To find out what your body and your mind was trying to tell you all those years ago. It’s within your power to go back and find it again, if only you make up your mind to do just that.

Making the Dream Come Real

Now that your new life has taken shape and given you more freedom than you ever thought possible, why does it feel so hard to get in touch with the real you? Perhaps because society doesn’t often nudge us in that direction. But then, you’re an individual, not just a creature of society. You can overrule the voices around you. You can set down the load you are carrying, and move forward in any direction you choose. We as a travel company are not out to change the world. But if you let us, if you really open yourself to the travel experience, you might just find that we can indeed change things, one life at a time.