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A few decades ago, terms like cheap holiday destinations, travel deals, low-budget travel, budget trips, and backpacking were unheard of. During those years, going to other countries was reserved for the wealthy, elite, and powerful. For the less moneyed, televisions, books, travel magazines, and travel posters where the only way to see the world. Not […]

Many travellers visit the best holiday destinations to interact with the local populace, sample culinary delights, visit landmarks, and even dare to challenge themselves in adrenaline-pumping adventures. But universally, travellers will never fail to head out to places where they can enjoy spectacular, magical vistas that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. No […]

It’s not just tropical Southeast Asian islands, Mediterranean regions, and Caribbean seas that are considered good holiday destinations. If you want a truly unique vacation, why not go somewhere in the snowy mountains of the Alps? Or perhaps you may want to explore the icy wilderness of the Canadian mountains? Maybe you are looking for […]

Who We Are

We love travel so much, we made it our business. Rarely does a month go by that one of us doesn’t go overseas either on business or — let’s face it — just to get away from doing business. If you know your way around the world like we do, you’ll find that you’re never more than a hop, skip and a jump away from good times in the best of places. People know us everywhere — and they should, because we’re also sending business their way. And a happy business it is, too, at least if our customer feedback is to be believed. Fortunately, though, we don’t have to rely on word of mouth to get to know the hotels and restaurants we recommend around the world. Part of our travelling habit is designed to check out new leads, and find more and more ideas for holiday making to keep our customers satisfied and downright thrilled with every aspect of their holidays. You could say that we’re in the business of making people happy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the ride ourselves in the meantime, of course.

How It All Started

Back in 1971 our group’s intellectual founder, Harold Preengatt, visited Myanmar (then called Burma) and travelled down the wrong path, finding himself suddenly among a dangerous crowd of people. If only he’d been directed or warned, he thought; if only it were somebody’s business to look out for travellers, then all of this could have gone down much more easily. Sad to say, Harold never made it out of Burma; but another traveller found his notebook (along with his other personal effects), and thought the idea a good one. He subsequently set about making Preengatt’s vision into a reality, and now, four decades later, we’re proud to call ourselves among the world leaders in travel advice.