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A few decades ago, terms like cheap holiday destinations, travel deals, low-budget travel, budget trips, and backpacking were unheard of. During those years, going to other countries was reserved for the wealthy, elite, and powerful. For the less moneyed, televisions, books, travel magazines, and travel posters where the only way to see the world. Not […]

Many travellers visit the best holiday destinations to interact with the local populace, sample culinary delights, visit landmarks, and even dare to challenge themselves in adrenaline-pumping adventures. But universally, travellers will never fail to head out to places where they can enjoy spectacular, magical vistas that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. No […]

It’s not just tropical Southeast Asian islands, Mediterranean regions, and Caribbean seas that are considered good holiday destinations. If you want a truly unique vacation, why not go somewhere in the snowy mountains of the Alps? Or perhaps you may want to explore the icy wilderness of the Canadian mountains? Maybe you are looking for […]

Where to Go for cheap holiday guides?

It’s a wild and crazy world out there, and how better to make sense of it than by starting out with one of our cheap holiday guides to boost up your travel IQ? With a cheap holiday guide from our celebrated catalogue, you’ll travel in style and in the full knowledge that your trip is just as good as you can possibly make it. The first choice you’ll want to make and what a dreamy choice it turns out to be is, well, where should you spend your travel time? Is it more practical to explore your own country, or follow your wildest sense of wanderlust, going wherever it might lead you? Our highly regarded book-length brochure will give you the straight news about every travel destination under the sun and in the case of our UK holiday guide, every place under the clouds. With all the vivid photographs and personal travel stories we’ve included in our cheap holiday guides, you’ll even feel like you’re literally on tour already. But the fun is just getting started, and magical wonders await when you enter the outside world, far away from the ordinary life of the everyday. We’d even bet that, were you to scan our catalogue even for your own city or region, you’d learn things about it you didn’t know before, and get recommendations for restaurants, bars and activities that you weren’t even familiar with, no matter how long you’ve lived there. We’re so thorough, it’s almost frightening.

Taking the Leap

At whatever point you’ve decided on a destination, it’s time to crystallise that decision into a serious and very real plan of action. Set your dates and take care of your obligations, no matter if it involves the unpleasant task of asking the grouchy Mr. Higgins next door to take your dog for walks every day while you’re gone. Our cheap holidays guides begin with a check-list of this sort that is indispensable for those about to make their foray into the great outdoors for any extended period — quite an added, and perhaps unexpected, bonus for those people expecting just another average cheap holiday guide. Also as an added feature for buyers of our UK holiday guide, we’ll highlight every location around the world where you can buy Marmite. It’s this sort of cultural sensitivity that truly sets us apart from the crowd of publishers who offer garden variety cheap holiday guides. And that’s not all: Each of our travel information guides comes with maps, hotel phone numbers and other useful tips, such as the best ways to get to and from the airports and other main transport hubs. With each step so carefully marked out for you, all the legwork is done and all that’s left for you to do is simply to have the best time you can, without spending that time researching and revising your itineraries based on unexpected occurrences that can cause unpleasant surprises for you on your grand tour.

The Confidence You Need

About the only thing our cheap holiday guides can’t do is translate everything for you into whatever language you might find yourself desiring to communicate in anywhere along the length of your journey. But every cheap holiday guide in our selection does have phrase books included for beginners, which can greatly assist you in getting exactly what you need, right when you need it. It’s these thoughtful little touches that make all the difference between an awkward trip and a smooth one, between an ineffectual traveller and an expert one. Which one would you rather be? To take one country virtually at random — the United Kingdom — each copy of our UK holiday guide contains not only the entire underground map of London, but also the visual route maps of each and every inter-city bus company that criss-crosses the country. There’s a lot of information in there, but our cheap holiday guides are prime examples of fine design and sensible layout. What all this means is that the information you need will be right at your fingertips, intuitively organised and very easy to read all the way through. So you’ll know just what you’re doing, and you’ll even be able to plan three steps ahead, no matter where you are or what’s going on around you. In a way, our aim, in other words, is to provide for you the comfort of home, while simultaneously letting you frolic anywhere in the world you please. It’s very much the best of both worlds, and when you think about it, that’s quite an impressive boast for a simple travel guide. And we have many more features to tell you about as well; explore this website and see all the surprising quirks and surprises we have available for you. Holidays will never again be the same after people around the world begin to discover the convenience of our publications.